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Come in (please wipe your feet).

Would you like a cuppa? Coffee in the cupboard, sugar over here, milk in the fridge and the sink is over there.

You will see when you go looking through my brag book that I love the outdoors and what is really out there. We can look at the world from a superficial level or we can take a deeper look at what is next to us, above us and what is happening under our feet.

I prefer to keep the photographs you see as Lightroom/Photoshop free images as possible. This means that what I saw at that time is what you see now.

When you order a print, the watermark will not be on your image because what you see here on the website is of a much lower quality (72 dpi) The print you get will be of a much higher resolution (300 dpi), massive difference . 


P.S. If by chance you were to get one of these images from my web site you still have to get rid of the watermark, then you have to deal with the resolution (72 dpi), which means that when you print out your image it will be very pixelated or, to over come that, the image will be so small that it will be the size of a postage stamp. 

I like the purity and the art of photography and as such you will see very little adjustment apart from cropping and lens adjustments (but that is a personal thing).

I suggest you drop by on the odd occasion just to check out the new pictures, there's always something going on.

Most of the photos you will come across can be (I think) used for setting the moods/themes for different rooms in an office or lounge room.

If you can't find the exact photo to suit your requirements, then please drop me a line and I may be able to assist.

Thanks again for dropping by, and see you again next time you are in the area.

Oi! You! The cup and the sink are an item these days, don't try to separate them, didn't you read the fine print when you came in?