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Change the mood of your room

Colour influences your mood so when it comes to choosing the appropriate wall art for your particular room you may wish consider what mood you want generate for that room.

Colour = Mood

Wall art can liven up any room in your home – even the bathroom. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing your wall art.

Create a focal point

When choosing your wall art it’s a good idea to match the dominant colour in the piece to the colours in your room. You could use your wall art to create a focal point that will capture the attention of your family, friends and guests as soon as they enter the room.

Match the decorative style

Your choice of wall art may complement the overall decorative style of the your room.

Size does matter

It's a good idea to choose an image that is in proportion to the size of your room. A large image can dominate a small room but a small image can be lost on a large wall space. Carefully measure your walls so your wall art will fit perfectly within your room. Download the PDF – How to choose the right size print for your room

How to choose the right size print for your room.